For the majority of the projects that come through Babelfís Print doors, we use digital printing. What is digital printing? Digital printing gives us the opportunity to print digital-based images onto a variety of different textiles including paper, canvas, fabrics etc. Digital printing has many benefits which are beneficial to our customers, ensuring they get the best quality results for their projects.

Let’s take you through some of the key benefits of digital printing;


One of the great perks of digital printing is it allows for prints to become more customised. For example, it allows businesses looking for the likes of business cards, menus, invitations to get creative and get something that is unique to their business. With digital printing, plans can be changed quickly and effortlessly unlike other methods of printing such as traditional printing. Ensuring our customers are happy with the end result is our main priority, with digital printing it allows us to make last-minute adjustments to guarantee our prints turn out perfect. Set up is super quick, therefore, changes to a print don’t take a large amount of time.


With digital printing, each print is identical so there are fewer risks of variations in your prints, such as, colours changing or altering- with digital there is no risk of this issue they will keep uniform and the same colour throughout. This is essential for a business, no one wants a menu in 4 ranges of different colours as it looks unprofessional and of poor quality. In a situation where a customer may need a second batch of prints done, we can ensure that the prints will be the exact same as the ones they got before.


Digital printing has a fast turnaround time, therefore it is ideal for when customers require a last-minute printing job done within a certain time frame. With digital printing there isn’t a need for colour matching which means once we receive a project we can start working on it straight away, of course considering our workload.


Digital printing offers impressive quality prints with consistency throughout. The colour payoff on prints is excellent with no harsh lines affecting the quality. Printing with digital means the very first print will be the exact same as the very last. As you can probably already tell, quality is extremely important to us as we want to ensure our customers receive only the best.

Eco friendly

If you have read any of other blogs you may know that the environment and making sustainable choices is very close to our hearts. Digital printing produces far less CO2 emissions than other printing methods and produces far less waste as plates aren’t needed. When plates aren’t needed less materials are required which leads to less waste being produced.

At Babelfis Print we have a standard set of what we believe to be the best and to achieve this we use digital printing. We hope from the above points you should have a better understanding of what to expect when getting your projects printed by us.