why choosing the right images is important

Let’s be honest, if we like an image and we are interested in knowing the story behind the image, it tends to grab our attention. Images give depth and context to a description or story and they engage an audience. Eye-catching and bold images trigger our memories, therefore, when you choose the right image to capture your audience’s attention it helps them to recall what you’re advertising much quicker than text and choosing a unique image is so important.

At Babelfis Print our aim is to produce distinctive and high-quality prints that help make your images stand out. To do this it is vital that you choose the right images for your print, here are just some reasons why we feel it’s important;

Images can communicate a product, service or brand by capturing people’s attention, extracting their emotions and also providing people with sufficient information about the business. Once people see an image from a business, that image will then stick in their head and they will associate that picture with the particular business. Choosing eye-catching, impressive images will make people interested in the business and entice them to revisit again.

Images give in-depth knowledge and context to a story behind a business and they provide people with a much more immersive experience than text. When people see images they can interact with them so therefore they begin to think about the business a little more.

Pictures are engaging and interesting because our brains respond so quickly to them in comparison to other types of information such as text. Images are also visually appealing to a younger audience who may not be able to understand the text. Different generations will perceive images differently as people have different perceptions on different things.

When choosing an image you want it to be memorable. An image usually sticks around for a long period of time for example websites. Websites are usually only rebranded every couple of years unlike social media which can be updated each day and easily deleted. Therefore images on a website should be of high-quality meaning they are bright and clear. The images on social media and websites are usually the ones that people will see when researching about the business and these images could be the reason people do or don’t pick the business.

Images create engagement because when people see pictures they like they want to share them and perhaps they may want more of them. When relevant images are added to pieces of text it inclines readers to keep on scrolling and this creates engagement for the business. When images are relevant to the brand, people will gain a better insight into the business and its values.

When choosing images, make sure they are sized correctly for the social media platform you are using. Make sure the images are clear and not blurry as blurry images don’t make a good impression on the business. If an image is not edited and taken correctly it will make it hard to look at which may turn people off your website. So as I’ve said over and over again, choosing the right images really is vital.

Don’t settle for poor quality images instead invest time in choosing the right images that are good standard and high quality. It will have a positive impact on you and your business in the future.