is print marketing dead?

The topic of the week is “is print marketing dead?” and the answer to that is certainly not. We are living in a time where we rely on businesses to communicate to us through the likes of social media, SEO and email marketing. Businesses tend to focus on digital advertising as it gives them the ability to reach a wider audience with the continuous growth of smart technology.

However, some of the most successful campaigns in the world are through print media and the reason they are so successful is because of the creative thought that has been put into them to capture their audience’s attention.

Print marketing isn’t disappearing anytime soon and here are some reasons why;

Print marketing is much more personal and it makes the customers feel special and valued within the business. When someone receives a letter or a physical voucher, a personal touch is added compared to other types of marketing such as pop-up ads or emails. Digital marketing targets a wide range of people but print marketing can be aimed at a specific customer.

Although email marketing can be well-targeted and personalised, how many times do we overlook a promotional email or automatically delete it before we get a chance to consume the information provided. Yet, when we receive a tangible piece of information from a business such as a leaflet we tend to take time to read it and even may refer back to it a second time, forming some sort of connection with the brand.

In recent times, it seems like technology has taken over everything but sometimes we forget that many people may not be in touch with the digital ages as much as we may presume. This isn’t always a bad thing, in fact from recent research done on print marketing it states that 80% of consumers act on printed advertisements and the recall rate on print media is 77%. Print advertising has a much greater impact than we give it credit for, it ensures your business stays in touch with its wider audience, whilst from those results clearly capturing your customers full attention.

Print marketing lets businesses be creative and lets them think outside the box when it comes to advertising their business, such as through creative and interactive billboards, guerrilla marketing campaigns with sticking posters around the city and much more. Remember Carlsberg’s, “Greatest Poster in the World”?. This iconic one liner on a series of 48 sheets reached over 175 millions people globally. As you can probably tell, Print Marketing is very much alive and killing it (no pun intended).

Print marketing won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, in fact as we see many big brands utilizing print media campaigns to stand out from the crowd, I think print media will be becoming more and more prevalent in the marketing industry.

Now as you can probably tell from our facts, figures and successful examples, we stand by our statement that print is not dead! If your business has some great ideas for a new print campaign, let us help your vision become a reality by getting in contact with us today.