useful tips for making your prints memorable

We often look at prints and pictures and don’t take any notice of what was actually going on in them because different colours and designs don’t grab our attention. Eye-catching, colourful and clear images tend to stick with us much longer than dull, blurry images. As a business, it is so important to ensure your prints are clear, colourful, sized correctly and most important of all have a clear message so customers are happy with the finished product.

At BabelfíPrint our main aim is to ensure your prints are perfect, over the years we have seen some amazing prints that we will never forget. We have taken note of what made these prints so memorable and put together some of our top tips to ensure your prints stand out from others;

Colourful and Creative

As we all know colours play a vital role in the world we live in. They influence us on many different levels such as impacting our day to day emotions, causing different reactions and changing our actions, the list is endless.

Colours are so important when it comes to print as they highlight important details that may be shown within the print. Many businesses now rely on online marketing as a way of promoting their business so it is crucial to pay attention to the colours you choose as it could be a deciding factor between you and your competitors. Different colours have different meanings for example red is love but also anger, yellow often represents happiness and hope and white ranges from things such as birth and peace to simplicity and cleanliness.

Sized to Perfection

The size of your print is extremely important because having your print minuscule will not work and having it ginormous will draw negative attention so it is extremely important for your print to be sized to perfection. There are many things to consider when choosing the size of your print for example where the print is going to be displayed. If it’s going to be on a wall it will need to be large but if it’s going to be on a shelf it needs to be sized to the proportion of the shelf to ensure it doesn’t look too big or too small, just right. Take the time to make sure your print is perfect.

Visually Gorgeous 

When you put work into creating a cool unique print you want to make sure your print will be visually appealing to your customers. It needs to be visually appealing to your customers to ensure they are engaged because if not, they aren’t likely to pick your business. Some prints don’t often grab our attention as the colours and fonts don’t pop and aren’t unique but when businesses think outside the box and come up with ideas, that’s when your business will win over customers.

We hope these tips will help you in achieving some awesome prints. Get in contact with us today for all your printing needs through email, phone or one of our various social media channels and we will make your vision become reality.